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What To Do If Things Go Wrong

If things are worrying you there are lots of places you can go for support. 

Talk to an adult you trust like a parent or a teacher.  You can also talk to a member of the school's e-Safety team (Mrs Jones, Mr Keegan, and Mrs Oliver)

Talk to someone in confidence by calling the NSPCC’s Childline hotline on 0800 1111 or going to their website

Report Abuse through the Click CEOP website or by clicking the Report Abuse button.   Specialist staff will look into your report and they will get in touch with you to make sure everything is OK and to sort out what happens next.



If you have found content on the Internet that you think should not be there or you have been the victim of online bullying then you should take screenshots of this and show them to a trusted adult.  You should then report the abuse to the Social Media site that you are using so that they can investigate and remove it.  Click on the icons below to find out how to make a report.

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