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These are our favourite websites for e-safety information. - The ThinkUKnow website is helpfully broken down into sections for children and parents so that each can get the level of information on e-safety that best suits them.  There is plenty of detailed information on all aspects of e-safety including how to manage privacy settings on social media and how to approach e-safety discussions with your children.  We highly recommend this site as your first port of call for more information! - the UK Safer Internet Centre website has lots of information about staying safe online.  It has helpful tutorials on using the privacy settings on Social Media.  This site also has practical tips on how to set up Parental Controls on your home network to help keep your children safe online at home. - The Beat Bullying Cyber Mentors page offers help, support and guidance for parents who are concerned about bullying. - The BBC WebWise is a comprehensive site giving lots of information about how to use computers and operate online.  There are interesting articles, videos and training materials.  These should help to inform the less Internet aware of what is going on in the online world. - The Childnet website has a special section for  Parents with all the information you need to help to keep your child safe online.  It has lots of practical hints and tips on e-safety issues.'s guide on Internet Safety for Teens:

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